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Quint Safety is owned and managed by Stephen Norton, a Chartered Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the design of safety-critical systems.
Stephen Norton

Stephen Norton

Managing Director of Quint Safety GmbH

Stephen Norton is a Chartered Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the design of safety-critical systems.

Stephen received his Masters in Electronic Engineering with Honours from the University of Sheffield. He is an Automotive Functional Safety Expert (AFSE) and an intacs™ certified Provisional Assessor for Automotive SPICE®.

Stephen established his engineering skills writing software and designing hardware for engine control systems in the aerospace industry, quickly progressing to lead an international system design team.  His significant verification experience includes responsibility for the qualification programmes of primary flight control systems and many safety-critical automotive components. Stephen demonstrated his competence in managing organisational changes, planning and implementing new engineering processes for customers in both the aerospace and automotive industries.

Stephen has worked for two of the largest German Automotive-OEMs and several major suppliers.  From 2011 until 2013 he was Product Manager Automotive & Aerospace for Functional Safety at SGS-TÜV Saar and responsible for Consulting and Assessment activities worldwide.  From 2014 until 2016 he was Head of the Safety Academy at IABG mbH.  In 2016, Stephen founded Quint Safety GmbH.  He is in demand internationally as an Expert and Trainer for Functional Safety.

Turhan Batur

Turhan Batur

Senior Consultant for Quality and Process Management in the Automotive Industry

Turhan Batur has worked in the Automotive Industry since 2001 and is an intacs™ certified Competent Assessor for Automotive SPICE®. He is experienced in change management and system architectural design and advises OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers in process management and process development for distributed design teams.

Mr. Batur studied Communications Engineering and Geoinformatics and started his career with the flash-verification of vehicle control units.  As a Consultant he has held key roles at BMW in Germany, including Software Quality Manager and Chairman of the Change Control Boards for Driver-Assistance and Interior Systems.

Mr. Batur is recognised for his expertise in Requirements Management across the complete V-model and regularly provides training and coaching worldwide.  He prepares design teams for forthcoming assessments and leads Gap Analyses and Assessments in accordance with intacs™ A-SPICE®.

Jörg Krüger

Jörg Krüger

Managing Director of INGenX Technologies GmbH

Jörg Krüger studied mechanical and aerospace engineering at the Universities of Osnabrück and Coventry, receiving both his Diplom-Ingenieur and Bachelors Degree with Honours.
He has extensive systems development experience, and is heading his own technology consultancy firm as managing director.

Before founding his own company, Mr. Krüger headed several engineering departments at Airbus for 13 years and was then Vice-President of the North-German branch of an engineering company for embedded safety-critical systems and software.
 He is a part-time University lecturer for aircraft maintenance engineering at the HAW in Hamburg.
His experience includes strong capabilities in process maturity (Automotive SPICE and CMMI), particularly the latest model-based development methods and practices.

Christoph Hauck

Christoph Hauck

Managing Director and Partner of creatision GmbH

Christoph M. Hauck is Managing Director and Partner of creatision GmbH.  He is a management consultant with many years of experience in the automobile and aviation industries.  His specialism is Functional Safety, process optimisation and quality standards, including CMMI and Automotive SPICE.

Mr. Hauck is qualified as an Automotive Functional Safety Professional and certified as an Automotive SPICE Provisional Assessor.  He advises OEMs and suppliers at both Management and Expert levels regarding the implementation of ISO 26262, project management, configuration management, quality management and the transformation of company processes.

Previously Mr. Hauck was Head of the Center of Competence Safety at IABG and Managing Director of ACENTISS GmbH.  Prior to these roles, he was a Senior Consultant focused on safety-critical systems.

A particular strength is Mr. Hauck’s ability to analyse complex systems and present them in a more understandable form.  He consistently demonstrates this skill in his trainings on Functional Safety as well as Innovation Management.

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram

CEO of Matrickz GmbH

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram is CEO of Matrickz GmbH.  He is a computer scientist, specialised in Embedded Security and Machine Learning.

Dr. Akram has more than 11 years of experience in the automotive industry and has worked as an external consultant for two of the major German Automotive-OEMs.

He has published several peer-reviewed papers and received the I-Centric Best Paper Award in 2008.  In addition to serving on the programme committee of renowned conferences, he is a reviewer for technology journals and was an editor in the IEEE-ISTO (Kantara Initiative) Working Group – User Managed Access from 2009 to 2011.

In 2014, Dr. Akram founded Matrickz GmbH, a company specialised in automotive software and security based in Munich.

Praveen Suvarna

Praveen Suvarna

Technical Lead Safety & Security at Matrickz GmbH

Praveen Suvarna is Technical Lead Safety & Security at Matrickz GmbH. He is an embedded professional, specialising in safety-critical embedded software development and validation.

Mr. Suvarna has several years of experience in the automotive industry and has worked for three of the major German Automotive-OEMs.  He has demonstrated his competence in leading and performing activities for safety-critical software development on both sides of the V-model, in particular the pragmatic implementation of the AUTOSAR and ISO 26262 standards.

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