11th March 2019: Introduction to Functional Safety (in German!)

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This seminar is ideal for Engineers starting to work on safety-relevant automotive products. You will learn how the ISO26262 is implemented pragmatically in real projects.

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Introduction to Functional Safety

Aim To raise the awareness of participants regarding functional safety in engineering projects
Benefit The participants will learn how to apply pragmatic approaches within the project team to achieve the objectives regarding functional safety
Key Topics Learning Objectives
What is Functional Safety
  • To understand why Functional Safety is important
  • To understand the impact of safety and quality culture
  • To understand the benefit of a proactive, integrated approach to safety
Evaluation of the prevailing safety risks
  • To understand the meaning of an ASIL rating
  • To understand the impact of safety goals on the product design
Safety activities in the development processes
  • To understand how ISO 26262 “V-model” relates to engineering projects
  • To understand how to apply pragmatic product development processes
  • To understand the interdependency of safety, quality, requirements management, change management and configuration management
Safety by design
  • To understand the importance of clearly defined abstraction levels in deriving requirements and architecture for each product
  • To understand how to derive safety requirements efficiently
Seminar Level
  • L1 - New to Functional Safety
Duration 1 day
  • Stephen Norton
  • Munich - Quint Safety GmbH, München-Neuhausen
  • German
Prerequisites The following training is recommended before attending this seminar:
  • No previous training or functional safety experience needed

This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German)

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